3D design without limits. From photorealistic product images, 3D animations and product design to the design of virtual spaces. WHYEX 3D designs help you make your technologies visible. We create expressive key visuals and bring the functionality of your product to the fore. In short, we turn your 3D data into reality.


Watch the 3D Reel to see the range of possibilities enabled by our 3D design process.

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The 3D Reel combines visualization, product design and animation.

3D Product Visualization

Meticulously crafted, artfully staged. The WHYEX visualization process employs mastery of shape, light, texture, colour and perspective in three dimensional space. We construct complex forms, bodies, and spaces to create stunning, photorealistic products views.

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Product Design

We bring your products to life. From concept to finished product, the WHYEX design process is detailed, deliberate, and thoughtful. We focus on your product’s functionality, needs of the target group, and manufacturing processes to turn your ideas into reality.

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3D Animation

Your product, your story. The WHYEX animation process starts with detailed storyboards to plan perspectives, camera movements, and sounds which bring your product’s unique features to the forefront. Combined with our meticulously crafted 3D models, your hidden innovations and complex technologies become tangible through dynamic and engaging 3D animations.

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Spatial Planning

The WHYEX planning process takes into consideration the arrangements of objects and the interplay of light and shadow to create distinctive room planning and interior design concepts. Through a conscious and pragmatic balance of proportions, contrast, and tonality, your visitors will experience your brand in a whole new light.

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